Code 2: Key Performance

Putting training and individual safety at the top of our agenda is the key to a better life while forklift truck training.

If you are one of those people who work in a warehouse and see all around you the opportunities that could be yours if only you had the right training to drive a forklift truck, then you have come to the right place. Key Performance Training is all about giving individuals the life skills to help them get the better standard of living and career that they truly deserve.

At Key Performance Training we’re determined that every bit of training we deliver leads to a qualification that will be centred around keeping you safe.

Our training courses focus on you the individual and the quality of training and learning you will experience here at Key Performance Training will allow you to go into the workplace with skills and knowledge to keep you and all those around you safe.

Around a quarter of all accidents in warehouses involve forklift trucks in one way or another and although it may seem a small and unimportant thing it isn’t.

Incorrect use of forklift trucks can and do ruin individuals lives and can even result in business failure.