Code 2: Key Performance

Our Background

Key Performance Training (KPT) opened in February 2018 with a mission to be “A Pathway to Employment” initially using Forklift Truck Operator training. The idea is simple, either to enable someone who is not working to qualify with a much-needed skill and get “A Job” or enable someone on minimum wage as an unskilled worker to get a “Better Job” or help someone change “Career” KPT operates from a purpose-built high forklift training arena with two classrooms. The only such training arena in Swindon. Having established itself initially with forklift trucks KPT went on to run HGV Driver classroom training and now wishes to extend further into certificated training for the workplace; for instance, Manual Handling Equipment Training, First Aid Training and Health & Safety Training.

Business Development Executive Apprentice Job Description

The company is seeking to add a talented college-leaver as an apprentice to their sales team, to work closely with and learn from two serial entrepreneurs. The aim is to develop your potential so you can, once fully trained, lead the end-to-end sales interaction with prospects and customers as well as internally within KPT and its associated businesses. Provided you meet the standards you will achieve an NVQ Level 4 Sales Certification with the Association of Professional Sales (APS); a highly sort after qualifications in the sales industry Remuneration will be a basic of £8,500pa plus commission, during the 18-month apprenticeship. With the sales commission and bonuses paid for achieving pre-agreed targets, the On Target Earnings (OTE) should be £20,000 to £25,000 in your first year.

Ideal Person Profile – Does this describe you?

The ideal person will have plenty of drive and energy along with a strong desire to win and to lead. They want to come across as enthusiastic, dynamic, assured and opinionated as well as being firm in their convictions. They are quick to talk and act. They enjoy being at the heart of things, making decisions and organising people. They are likely to be able to influence others with a combination of a more powerful personality than most along with an ability to put forward convincing arguments in a verbally fluent way. Professional. Polished. Disciplined. Responsible. Self-critical. Formal. Logical. They will have high standards and be self-directed. They accept there is a right way to do things. Charming. Able to influence others and persuade others. They will have some natural commercial instincts, a nose for identifying commercial opportunities along with the collaborative mindset and the people skills develop ‘win-win’ partnerships. Naturally able to concentrate and perseveres with detail. Able to work toward objectives while remaining flexible. Someone who uses logic and objectivity in processing information Quick to make decisions. Does not worry much. Thick-skinned and down-to-earth.

Main Responsibilities

  • Assisting with marketing activities, including organising special promotions, displays, and events to generate leads. Helping with Social Media, Email-campaigns, Mailshots, and leaflet drops
  • Helping identify new prospects and learning to follow up leads generated by the marketing to land new clients
  • Accompanying one of the experienced team members to joint sales visits to both introduce the company and its services as well as to gain their agreement to run training programmes. After training and some months of experience, you will do much of this yourself with the MD in support.
  • Learn how to handle and resolve any customer complaints and feedback
  • Learn how to analyse sales figures and trends, forecasting future sales to facilitate planning
  • Maintaining awareness of market trends in the industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiatives, and monitoring competitors

Main Competencies Required

Apprentices without Level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this level prior to taking the end-point assessment.
  • Ability to network to reach the right decision-makers and to network through existing clients to gain new business
  • Strong two-way communication skills. Can ask questions as well as present ideas fluently. Can persuade, influence and build the need for change within a prospect’s mind
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Able to sell value over price and can differentiate from the competition
  • Be resolute, bold and stubborn when required, focusing on results, tackling any problems or conflicts which get in the way, dealing with people professionally and effectively despite their feelings or importance
  • Be alert to changing situations, gathering intelligence and insights to gain competitive advantage, showing flexibility in approach, adaptability in difficult circumstances and continuously strive to achieve a result
  • Enjoy challenging situations and have the flexibility to work in an unstructured environment where there is freedom to act and the authority to make decisions
  • Solve customer problems and implement appropriate remedial measures
  • Actively participate in the internal company culture which dedicated to continuous improvement, challenging the status quo and developing best practice
  • Can prioritise and work smart by being well-prepared and doing the required preparation and practice

To Apply: Please email your CV to