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ForkLift Truck Training Programmes

Forklift Truck Training Programmes

An accident involving a forklift truck still occurs almost every week in the UK and 70% of them were preventable. As some forklift trucks have the capacity to lift the same weight of up to seven adult elephants this makes them and the environment they operate in very dangerous. Working in a typical supermarket warehouse is five times more dangerous than working down a mine…

Being able to operate a forklift truck safely is essential, being able to operate it effectively and efficiently can improve each driver’s performance and that of the company they work for.

  • Is your refresher training overdue?
  • Are you, or your team member a complete beginner?
  • Would you like to improve your job chances with accredited lift truck certification?
  • Are some of your operators missing a current license?

Whatever your need, Key Performance Training can unlock your potential with novice, refresher, experienced driver and conversion courses at regular times throughout the year in a specifically designed training centre or on-site at your own location if you prefer. From individual training to large scale corporate roll outs.

Maximising the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of your forklift truck drivers will reduce the occurrences of near-misses and accidents, minimising damage to your stock, keeping your trucks working in better conditions for longer and reducing maintenance costs.

We use accredited and qualified R.T.I.T.B registered instructors and examiners, so that all delegates will enjoy highly informative, practical and hands on learning experiences. All candidates will undergo a theory test, pre use test and a practical test to RTITB standard for certification. They will also receive a post-course pocket guide or operators advice sheet for attending courses at the Swindon Training Centre – lunch included…

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