Code 2: Key Performance

A career as a trained fork lift truck driver can be one of the most fulfilling careers in the construction or distribution industry, key performance training specialise in training for the fork lift truck drivers. You can be sure that training for a career as a qualified forklift truck driver will assure you of a career that will span a lifetime. Almost everything in every home or business premises was once on a forklift truck. Even the simple pencil, was in a box, along with a few others, which were all on a pallet and that pallet was moved more than once by a forklift truck.

Almost everybody who runs a successful company will also run training for their employees the ability for their workers to advance themselves not only will this give the company more valuable resource is in the form of better able staff will also promote a greater feeling of well-being in the employee which will in turn enable to live a better life and so training in effect becomes the catalyst for happier workers a better and more effective workforce and much higher productivity within the company.

Within the forklift driving industry historically it has been viewed that individuals will have less of a leaning towards academia and this could have contributed towards their decision to seek employment within this industry in the first place, maybe school and learning wasn’t for them, this in turn has over the years lead to a belief that those operatives working within this industry would struggle with training courses, however nothing could be further from the truth.

More and more our industry is being seen as a professional career path and therefore training within the industry has to offer enough scope to allow workers to feel that there is possibility of progression, this in turn will benefit the industry by helping to retain valuable experienced forklift truck drivers and who knows, in time they may go on to become the next generation of trainers themselves, certainly there can be no replacement for true knowledge and experience in any industry with this one being no different.

There are so many opportunities arising within our industry with warehousing constantly on the increase, the construction, retail industry and many more are all requiring the skill of professional forklift truck drivers, therefore there will constantly be a need for Centres of excellence in training to put on high-quality up skilling opportunities for forklift truck drivers. As such annual refreshers may become the norm rather than the current practise of only refreshing once every three years.