Code 2: Key Performance

At Key Performance Training we of course know that training is most definitely the key ingredient in making life for individuals more successful and pleasurable, investing your time and of course your money in training is actually to invest in your or your employees life. Your future and of course your family’s future. A Reach Driver typically earns more than a Picker and Packer. LGV Drivers earn more than many office workers.

Training at work was mostly seen as some kind of either reward or punishment in the past but now things are changing today and switched on businesses understand that training their staff and workforce is an absolute vital function, there are of course good reasons for this.

First of all it is expected that today’s employees don’t want to work where they are not offered development and whether for personal or professional reasons people don’t want to be in a business where they are not kept kept up-to-date fully trained and given the opportunity to develop themselves into their full potential.

Secondly the speed of change in all of our industries workplaces, that includes technology, products and manufacturing, new skills are required constantly. Driver CPC training is a legal requirement to be constantly refreshed. The highway code changes. UK laws that affect driving change. Just because you did Tacho Training five years ago does not mean you know the current rules. Counterbalance and Reach Forklift licences need refreshing every three years because things change, technology changes and best practice develops and improves.

Training enables people to keep up-to-date with the market, it enables them to stay competitive, it enables them to keep step with their own organisation’s plans for the future and be a valuable cog in a well oiled machine.

Thirdly businesses now understand, more than ever, that their workforce is their most valuable asset and making the most of their workforce is what training is all about. That is also what Key Performance Training is all about as a company; training skills that are essential in the modern business organisation. We are committed to developing quality training and thereby enhancing the talent available in a workforce in order to meet ever increasing skills gap in the modern workplace. Often before Peak (September – December for many UK Companies) creating a more flexible workforce by training extra people in key skills like Forklift Driving can significantly improve OTIF (On Time In Full) scores. At the least refresher for Forklift Drivers and CPC Sessions for HGV Drivers can ensure that your current team are up to date and legally allowed to operate.

Study after study has shown that there is a direct link between training a workforce and organisational performance, a report from the National Economic Office showed that high-performance companies spent nearly 10 days training each individual every year compared to just two training days for what turned out to be low performance companies, we at Key Performance Training want to turn around this trend and bring all companies up to speed with modern skills training.

Another study published by the Policy Studies Institute found that individual employees were worth an additional 6% in pay for each one month of training that they took part in.

A certain digital printer and photocopier organisation, Xerox, is a perfect example of these training truths they spend on each member of staff in their workforce least £1,600 every year and their multi billion pound turnover worldwide shows exactly why they do this. It is no accident that those companies that invest in training their workforce are those companies that are market leaders in whatever their industry happens to be.

A truly switched on company will track peoples performance in their workplace in all sorts of different ways, targets, standards, competence.
Setting someone to target to reach and then simply measuring whether they reach it or not is of course one of the simplest ways to monitor performance we at Key Performance Training ensure that we have possession of all of the facts on every individual that we provide training for.

Having standards allows us to measure different peoples performances against preset levels for standards such as an average or high and low level and again Key Performance Training can help with setting the standards within your industry. Measuring competence becomes much easier and falls into place once the previous two have been met assessing an individual’s complete competence is made so much easier once they have undergone a full assessment.

We live in times of rapid change in both business and work are now driven by constantly changing dynamic external factors. In some instances global competition, in other instances technology, and even evolving markets, create a demand for quality goods and services that require changes in skills and attitudes. In the past training employees often only took place now and again. This cannot any longer be the case in an ever changing and evolving workplace only those that stay well ahead of the curve will ultimately survive, both as individuals and businesses. Key Performance Training has got your back and will supply you with the training to up-skill your workforce and keep you competitive in this ever-changing climate.

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