Pathway to Employment

 We believe that training is a fundamental step along the pathway to employment

Our vision and mission are to help you improve your skills, making you more desirable to employers.

Forklift driving especially is in high demand, and we have links to Government agencies, colleges, job coaches and charities who work with people who are looking for an opportunity to turn their careers around.


We also have strong links with local recruitment agencies, so we know where the vacancies are, so we regularly see our delegates complete a course one week and start a new job the next.

The ABC’s of your new career

Once you’ve successfully completed your training with us, we’d give you one piece of advice when job hunting–

remember your ABC’s!

A = Any Job


Whilst you’ll be able to apply for roles with a higher base salary that non-forklift workers, when you’re still a new driver, you might not be able to get the highest salaries, given to those with experience.

So getting that experience is the first step.

Take any job that gets you some experience driving the truck.


B = Better Job


Once you’ve got some experience driving, now you can look around for a better job, with perhaps better hours, benefits or with a company with more opportunities.

Perhaps you could look to do a Conversion course to another truck, to enhance your employability even further.

C = Career


Once you’ve found that better job, make yourself invaluable to that business.

If you’re an asset to them, it won’t be long before you are able to progress within that business and make significant steps forward on your career.


Start your pathway to employment with us today and unlock your career!

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