Mental Health First Aid Course

Course Introduction

Who should attend?


  • Anyone can be affected by a Mental Health condition either themselves or a family member, friend or colleague.

    Are you looking to take a proactive, progressive approach to dealing with Mental Health issues in your workplace? Do you want your staff to know how to identify the common symptoms and learn how to act upon them?

  • Our one-day Level 2 Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a recognised training course, which is suitable for everyone, but has been designed to help employers to provide a positive Mental Health culture within the workplace and to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge on a range of the most common Mental Health conditions and the skills to be able to act should a condition be suspected
  • The syllabus for this Mental Health First aid course is as specified by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is fully compliant with The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.

    • This course is suitable for those looking to understand and improve their knowledge about mental health and to learn the skills to support their own and others’ positive wellbeing in the workplace.
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Did you know?

 There is a relationship between Mental Health and the workplace:

  • 25% of people have left their job due to Mental Health issues
  • 68% of people feel that their employer should be doing more to address Mental Health issues at work
  • 40% of people have taken a day or longer off work due to Mental Health issues
  • 20% of people say that their company has a Mental Health wellbeing policy that they know about
  • 25% of people feel their workplace is contributing negatively to their mental wellbeing

Course Overview

  • This course introduces the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan which allows learners to provide their peers with comprehensive guidance and support for a suspected Mental Health condition. Learners will be able to provide signposting to professional help and support that person whilst they are receiving professional assistance.
  • This course will take at least 6 hours to complete.  These hours will be delivered in 1 day.
  • Learners undertaking this course will be considered Mental Health First Aiders and will be a point of contact within the workplace to help and support those with a suspected Mental Health condition and assist employers in implementing a positive Mental Health culture to support employees within a workplace.

Please be aware that this course focuses on employees in the workplace and covers subjects that some people may find distressing, including suicide and self-harm. If a delegate feels overwhelmed, they will be fully supported, but can leave the course at any time.

• What is Mental Health First Aid?

• Drugs, alcohol and addiction

• What factors can affect our Mental Health?

• How to display empathy

• The Mental Health Continuum

• Key skills to help provide support

• Identifying Mental Health conditions

• Providing advice and starting a conversation

• Recognising when someone is in crisis

• First Aid for Mental Health action plan

• Stress and how to provide support

• Overview of key legislation

• Suicide, risk factors, signs and symptoms

• Support and signposting to professional help

• Self-harm, eating disorders, PTSD & OCD

• Overcoming stigma

• Psychosis & Bipolar disorder

• How to create a positive workplace culture

  • The course Instructor is responsible for determining whether delegates pass or fail based on practical and oral assessment throughout the course, i.e. by observation and oral questioning, as well as the completion of a multiple-choice question paper at the end of the course.
  • The instructor will only award a pass if they believe that delegates have displayed the requisite understanding and competencies at the end of each session throughout the course and successfully completed the question paper.
  • On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Level 2 (RQF) First Aid for Mental Health at Work Certificate, which is valid for three years.
  • This course is Regulated by Ofqual under their Regulated Quality Framework (RQF) and accredited by the FAA.
  • The requirement of the Health and Safety Executive is that this certificate is renewed before the certificate expiry date to remain a qualified mental health first-aider in the workplace.
  • Annual refresher training is also recommended by the HSE, as this provides Mental Health First Aiders with an opportunity to practise and update their skills as a qualified Mental Health First Aider, at any time while their First Aid for Mental Health At Work certificate is valid.

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