Code 2: Key Performance

1. We help you to find work after completing a course.

Are you looking to find a job, a better job or a career?

Our aim is to provide delegates with a pathway to employment. By pathway, we don’t mean that we are providing the training and that’s all. We provide a guided pathway. One, where even after the delegates training course ends, we are there to guide them in the direction of employment.

Once completing a course, we will first give you the contact details of the job coaches and employment agencies we work with who will give you the coaching needed to find a job, a better job or a career. 

You are then given the option to subscribe to our email newsletters where we send out forklift operator vacancies in Swindon and the surrounding areas. This means our previous delegates are often the first to hear about forklift driver job roles in their area.

With this process we have in place, as well as the increasing demand for operators, delegates are commonly finding work 1-2 weeks after completing a course with us. 

2. Trainers with over 20 years of experience.

With any type of training, teaching or coaching the trainer, teacher or coach is the determiner for not only your success but also your experience and enjoyment. Wouldn’t you agree?

At Key Performance Training we believe that our experienced trainers are what takes our forklift training centre from great to EXCELLENT. Many of our previous delegates and reviews state that our trainers made their experience on a course with multiple reviews stating ‘the best trainer I’ve ever had’. 

David and Calum both have over 20 years of experience in forklift operating and training. Therefore, they know first hand the potential dangers of operating and the best ways to avoid these risks. Both, share the same goal of minimising these risks by providing training that prioritises safety. 

As we believe on any course that the determiner of success is the trainer, we offer FREE taster sessions for potential delegates to come along to the warehouse and meet our trainers. From there, you will hopefully share the same view as us on how friendly, calming and knowledgeable both David and Calum are. Especially for those apprehensive novice drivers, meeting the team in person before a course can make all the difference and calm your nerves before course week!

3. Our Reviews- They speak for themselves!

“Would definitely recommend”
‘Credit for my achievements go to him.’
This delegate has never been out of work since completing a course with us!

Are you interested in completing a forklift course to expand your employment oppourtunities?

Are your warehouse looking to up skill or cross-train staff to operate forklifts?

After reading this blog post we hope you choose us as your forklift training centre! To get in contact about the courses we offer or for general enquires contact;