Code 2: Key Performance

With restrictions now easing we are happy to announce that we can officially run our ‘Forklift Fridays’ on the first Friday of every month starting from the 10th September. Forklift Fridays are a chance to come into the warehouse and get a feel for the courses we offer within a 2 hour, FREE taster session.

Although these sessions are optional and we can still book you in for a course if you do not attend, there are a multitude of benefits that you can gain from coming along, so we highly recommend!

In this blog I will be highlighting what is included on the day and how these elements can put you at an advantage before starting a course.

1. Meeting our team.

One of the most crucial aspects as to whether you will succeed on a course is whether you feel comfortable enough around the team- especially our trainer, David. We hope that once you meet David you will feel at ease immediately and all those initial nerves will fly out the window!

Many delegates come in for a course very nervous and apprehensive and within a couple of hours of speaking with David already begin to feel comfortable. Coming along for a taster session will therefore mean you are ‘ready and raring’ to go when course week comes around!

2. Learn more about the courses and forklift trucks

On the day, you will listen and take part in several activities such as presentations, video clips, demonstrations and some light hearted competitions\quizzes; all to open your eyes to the world of forklift trucks!

From these activities you will gain a better understanding of the need for adequate forklift training, the types of forklifts and the difference between them, what is included in the courses and also learn some interesting facts and stories from David’s 10 year+ experience with FLT.

Once again, you will then be more prepared and insightful on the week of your course.

3. Ask questions to our highly experienced trainers.

We understand that you want to be 100% sure about a course before booking, so we will always give you a chance to ask any questions that you may have regarding any aspect of the courses or trucks. Our trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable so no questions are out of bounds.

4. Have a go on one or both trucks

After a couple of demonstrations, we will also allow you to have a quick go on the trucks and get a feel for the kind of practical learning you will be doing throughout your course. This may be the ultimate decider as to whether you do a Counterbalance, Reach course, or both.

This will also reduce the initial worries about how to operate controls, turn around etc on the week of your course which will also put you at a further advantage.

5. Meet new people

The previous ‘Forklift Fridays’ have all been a positive experience, even for those who don’t end up going on to do a course. We like to make the day as fun and interesting as possible.  Ultimately, it’s a chance to meet new people who have similar interests, drink tea\coffee and eat biscuits. The best bit? The session is completely FREE. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to attend?

If you are interested in attending a ‘Forklift Friday’ or have any questions surrounding the day then please contact us;


Phone- 07788259738