Code 2: Key Performance

Here at Key Performance Training, we have trained hundreds of successful forklift truck operators over the years, which is how we came to be Swindon’s leading RTITB training provider. Our aim isn’t solely to train you up and send you on your way, with us the added value comes from a company with heart who wants to help you on your way to your next career challenge.  

So, what are the traits and characteristics of a successful, and safe, forklift driver? 

  1. Communication  

The first, and arguably, most important part of being a safe forklift truck driver is communication. This might sound obvious, but it’s not just as simple as speaking calmly and clearly to other members of the team. Forklift truck operating requires forward planning and the ability to pre-empt any problems or pitfalls that may require a change of direction. Clearly communicating mitigates the risk of potential harm to you or your colleagues.  

  1. Observation  

Concentration and coordination are great assets for forklift drivers to have. Being able to focus for long periods of time, while using a high degree of hand-eye coordination and accuracy can make all the difference in your forklift driving skills. One brief lapse in concentration is all it takes for a serious accident to occur.  

  1. Diligence 

Compliance is a hugely important aspect to forklift driving. Being a diligent member of staff who is able to keep to the required safety standards is a huge must. Cutting corners or skipping steps is a recipe for disaster. Forklift drivers are people who are process-minded and adhere to the rules at all times. 

  1. Adaptable  

To drive a forklift truck, you need to be able to prioritise tasks, and change strategy in an instant. Keeping calm under pressure is tough, but if you are able to easily adapt to the various requirements of the job, then forklift driving is the role for you.  

  1. Problem Solving  

Assessing distances, angles, weights and load capacities is all part of the daily work of a forklift driver. Again, forward planning is a must; but if you are also somebody who is able to problem solve with ease then this will put you in good stead.  

There are many skills that make a good forklift driver, but the above list is a good place to start. No matter your experience, Key Performance Training are here to help. Get in touch today on 07825 333894 to find out more about our training and refresher courses that we have available throughout 2022. We look forward to helping you unlock your career potential and sharing our connections to Swindon’s best employers!