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Did you know we offer First Aid Training Courses? 

Before we tell you more, it is important to understand the benefits that First Aid Training can have on an organisations and its employees. Below are 4 of the main benefits, however they do not stop there, the advantages are endless! 

1. First Aid Training Saves life’s.

Do you and/or your company want to be completely prepared to deal with any incident in the workplace? 

If the answer is yes, you are on the right track to safety! 

This could be the most self explanatory benefit for most, but often individuals and companies underestimate the impact that First Aid Training has on the reduction of serious incidents and even death in the workplace. 

2. Cost effective 

Some may neglect adequate First Aid Training due to unwanted costs that may seem ‘pointless’. 

However , when you begin to realise that the cost of a course is nothing compared to the damage caused for the company and loved ones when there is an accident or death in the workplace. 

3. Increases workplace morale.

This may seem like a surprising benefit of First Aid Training but it is actually proven to boost morale in companies for several reasons, including;

  • Makes employees feel they are cared for by their organisation.
  • Helps employees look out for each other which will bring them closer.
  • Learning skills that can also be used outside of work makes employees feel they have accomplished more in their role.

4. Keeps employees safe outside of work.

The skills you learn in First Aid Training are for life and can be used in a variety of different scenarios- in and out of the workplace. 

You never know when a serious situation will arise and having the confidence that your employees will be able to deal with this in the most effective way is great for any company who care about there workers. 

Interested to find out more? 

The courses that we deliver in partnership with Tactical Tuition UK are designed to be informative, fun and engaging. Our aim is to create an optimum learning environment , with out First Aid training courses being run in-house, at your workplace or at a location that suits you. 

Regulated by Ofqual, under their Regulated Quality Framework, accredited by the FAA and FutureQuals – our courses provide accountable, quality assured, practical knowledge, backed up by real-world experience from our trainers.

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