Code 2: Key Performance

Key Performance Training is pleased to offer eLearning, enabling you to move the theory part of a course from the classroom to online.

Whether you’re looking to become a forklift operator, keen to refresh your skills, or you’re a company looking to upskill your current workforce, RTITB’s eLearning material is designed with operators in mind.

The eLearning is self-paced, so you can gain access to training materials to complete as and when you want, taking as long as you need, then complete in-person practical training at a later date.

Here are just some of the benefits of using RTITB eLearning and completing a course with us:

•           Operators are kept engaged at all times, with interactive quizzes and videos

•           Access the eLearning material anywhere, and at a time that suits you, on a number of devices, including mobile, table and PC

•           Reduce practical training time (for example for a novice Counterbalance course a 5-day course could be reduced to 3 days)

•           Operators are out of the business for a shorter time, minimising costs, and downtime

•           Revisit the eLearning at any time to refresh knowledge

•           Save time and money on travel to training courses (and in some cases hotels)

To get started with RTITB eLearning and learn more about our course offering, availability, and pricing, please give us a call on 01793 975353 and we’ll be delighted to discuss this with you.

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