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No matter if you’re working in a warehouse as a forklift operator or an office as an administrator, there are always possible dangers. You need to be aware of them and act immediately to ensure the safety of yourself and other colleagues. When I say ‘aware’, I don’t mean this lightly. There is a huge difference between being aware and being actively aware. Being just ‘aware’ often leads to situations where it’s too late.  When you are actively aware you can spot an issue and resolve it quickly before an incident occurs.

Safety professional and coach for better risk management strategies- David Gant took to his twitter to ask his large following one question. 

“What is the one piece of safety advice you would give to a worker?”

The responses were excellent with so many acknowledging how dangerous working in warehouse environments can be and having safety as their number 1 priority when at work. We want to share this advice with you in hope that it will help at least one person change their mindset on the importance of safety at work.

  • “Don’t do a job that you aren’t qualified to do, and do the jobs that you are qualified to do according to the process”. 

More commonly than you would think, warehouse managers and supervisors cut corners and allow unqualified workers or those without refreshed licenses to operate forklift trucks. This is when accidents will occur. Even if you have been given permission to operate a truck this does not mean it is safe and as many experienced operators would tell you; it’s never as easy as it looks. 

  • “Would you let your most loved one ‘be there’ ‘do that’ ‘take that chance’. If it’s not good enough for them; it isn’t good enough for you! You are important to them too” 

Every time you get on the truck without inspecting, walk round a corner without making yourself known, drive too fast to get a job done or become complacent in any way, think to yourself; would I be happy for the one I love most to do what I am doing? If the answer to that question is no, don’t do it. It really is that simple.

  • “You can’t just talk the talk, make safety a priority.”

Now a piece of advice for all managers and supervisors; the costs of accidents that could occur due to a lack of safety are never worth the time saved by not putting in place and adhering to safety measures. Read that again. 

  • “Never walk past an error”

We all make mistakes and not everyone is going to be thinking of safety every second of the day. In your workplace, you should first work together and encourage one and other to make safety an individual number 1 priority. You should then work together to encourage each other to make the safety of others a second priority. This way, even if the individual isn’t on their safety ‘A game’ there will always be back up to correct their errors. 

Important- you should never assume that someone is going to correct your errors and act at all times as though you are in complete control of your own and everyone else’s safety.

  • “If you aren’t sure it’s safe, it probably isn’t”

1. Trust your instinct. 

2. Double check.

3. Report it.

Finally, here are a checklist of questions you should ask yourself; 

  • Will doing it this way get me home safely?
  • Am I concentrating 100%? 
  • Do I need to have a break to prioritise safety? 
  • Would I let my loved ones take this chance? 
  • Am I following the companies safe work procedures? 
  • Is safety my number 1 priority? 

Key Performance Training are a forklift training company based in Swindon who also cover areas around Wiltshire and the South west. As an RTITB accredited centre, safety is genuinely a number one priority of the business and all delegates who complete a forklift training course should also take on this mindset. 

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