Code 2: Key Performance

One of the most common questions we get asked is; ‘Which course would be best suited for me?’. This is a question our trainers LOVE to hear as it shows you are dedicated to getting the most out of a course. The more dedicated to learn you are, the better your chances of starting your pathway to employment. 

It is crucial that we get a full understanding of your experience and your aspirations from a course for many reasons; 

  • You are happy with the speed and detail of the course.
  • We can put you on a course with delegates who are at a similar level/experience to you. 
  • Avoid last-minute changes where we decide to move you onto a different course. 
  • You leave the course happy that the qualification you gained will be useful in your employment journey (leads you to find work, a promotion or just to meet safety regulations in a current role). 

Are you wondering that exact question of ‘Which course should I do?’ Below is questionnaire for you to get a rough idea. 

Experienced Courses;

So now we can ask you, what course should you do? 

  1. Novice Courses; 
  • Brief Description-Our RTITB Reach or CB novice courses are for those with little or no experience operating forklifts.
  • Duration- 3-5 days
  • Price- £650+VAT

2. Experienced Courses;

  • Brief Description- Our RTITB Reach or CB experienced courses are for existing operators with some previous experience but who have not had the benefit of adequate, formal lift truck training.
  • Duration- 3 Days
  • Price- £400 + VAT

3. Conversion Courses;

  • Brief Description-Our RTITB Reach and CB conversion courses are aimed at current certified lift truck operators who are wishing to convert their current driving qualification and skills to include a different type of truck.
  • Duration- 2 Days
  • Price- £285+VAT

4. Refresher Courses; 

  • Brief Description- Our RTITB Reach and CB refresher courses are for those operators with documentary evidence of basic training and who wish to renew their certification to use a CB truck.
  • Duration- 1 Day
  • Price- £140+VAT

Still undecided on which course is for you? Head over to the ‘course content’ section of our website to find out some more details about what each course entails.