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For companies who value the safety of their workers, choosing the right Health and Safety training provider is a priority and not a decision to be made lightly. 

At Key Performance Training , we work with Tactical Tuition to provide a variety of First Aid and Health and safety training courses that can be carried out in our Swindon warehouse or a location suitable for your organisation. 

In this blog post we will go over some of the many reasons as to why we believe tactical tuition should be your H&S Training provider of choice. 

  1. Our trainers.

We believe that the most important part of any course and the extent of knowledge the delegates learn is mainly down to those teaching. 

Tactical Tuition don’t teach ‘at you’ they teach ‘with you. They provide motivating training that redefines the standard. 

This is proven through the constant 5-star reviews they receive through Trustpilot for their work which reflects their passion and enthusiasm.

2. Fully accredited 

When you have a business , you must be certain that you are following the regulations put in place , including having a full First Aid Kit and at least 1 first aider for every 50 people employed. 

Following the legal HSE guidelines , we will equip you with the skills and get you qualified. TT are Regulated by Ofqual , under their Regulated Quality Framework (RQF) , accredited by the FAA and FutureQuals – providing businesses with accountable , quality assured practical knowledge , backed up by real-world knowledge.Bespoke Courses 

3. Bespoke Courses

Following on from our earlier point that we work ‘with you’ instead of ‘at you’, it is highly important to us that we meet your company needs. 

This is why we offer bespoke courses where we work with you and tailor our regulated , quality assured courses to meet your specific needs.

We understand that many businesses can’t afford to take time off work to go to first aid training courses so we can be extremely flexible by doing weekend evening courses as well as travel to a location that best suits you within the South of England. 

4.Offer FREE First Aid Health Checks

Are you and your business unsure what you need to put in place to meet your legal requirements? No problem. We conduct FREE First Aid Health Checks and come back to you with a detailed report on how you can improve and most importantly how we can help you improve.

Our experienced trainers will arrange either a call or visit to your workplace, school or group and talk you through everything you need to meet the HSE regulations. 

Alternatively you can find out online using our First Aid Health check report by clicking the link below;

What next?

We are here to help. We can guide you through a needs assessment to establish what you need to meet the legal requirements – and also what mix of courses and tailoring will be best fit for you. Talk to us today;